Working together for fairer healthcare

Promoting expert knowledge through ongoing training and advanced courses.

  • Summer Schools: 1st edition of the Summer School "Refugee and Migrant Health", organized by the Inselspital in August/September 2022. Focus on healthcare professionals. Swiss Symposium on Refugee and Migrant Health 2nd edition of the Summer School "Health Equity in Chaotic Times: Old Challenges, New Approaches" organized by Unisanté in September 2022 in collaboration with Unil, UCL (University College London), the WHO and the SDC. Focus on students and researchers in health and social sciences. Summer Schools Health Equity
  • CAS in Health and Diversity, collaboration between Unisanté and UniGE. Sante divers
  • ANP project "Transcultural care" team for advice and support in the field of clinical practice aimed at proactively supporting the care team through anticipation and early detection of transcultural issues. 

Aktivitäten zur FöActivities to promote community interpreting

  • Joint position paper on community interpreting to raise awareness and provide information on this topic.
  • Documentation of practical case studies enabling healthcare professionals to familiarise themselves with interpreting services provided face-to-face, by telephone, by video or via digital tools.
  • Raising awareness and training healthcare professionals in the use of interpreting and communication tools.
  • Video and telephone interpreting: Develop and test offers and set up pilot projects within the network's hospitals.
  • Audiovisual communication initiatives: e.g. development of multilingual videos providing information on anaesthesia and radiology (MRI, scanner) and an audiovisual communication campaign for allophone patients on the theme "Aha maintenant je comprends" ("Now I understand"). Patients are informed of existing interpreting services.

Promoting equal opportunities and the integration of disadvantaged population groups

  • Develop guidelines for interaction with people with hearing impairments.
  • Raise awareness among professionals about interacting with people with hearing impairments. Training for professionals. Preparation of brochures entitled "Interacting with people with hearing impairments".
  • Migrants' mental health
  • Sharing best practice, regular links with partners and the public health service to ensure smoother care.
  • RESAMI (health and migration network). Presentations and promotion of the RESAMI care network set up in the canton of Vaud for health professionals working with asylum seekers.
  • Health institutions are looking at the concept of plain language to improve communication with patients and families who speak other languages and/or have low literacy skills. Workshops and information sessions are organised for professionals in some hospitals.
  • Measuring the fairness of care in hospitals: The PRIORITY study, which is being coordinated by the University Hospitals of Geneva and Unisanté Lausanne, aims to clarify whether and under what conditions the quality of the Swiss healthcare system can be measured - in hospitals, at the level of fairness. Link to the Priority Study: Assessing equity
  • "EquiTI: promoting equity and inclusion in cantonal hospital care:
    The Equity Ticino research project arose from the observation that, although Ticino boasts a cantonal health law that is particularly explicit in terms of patients' rights, particularly the right to information, certain situations highlight weaknesses.
    The research project was developed in different phases, using an action research methodology designed to have a transformative impact on hospital practices, with the aim of promoting greater equity in care. The final report will be completed in the summer of 2024. Link EquiTI