Unity makes strength - enjoy the benefits of membership

Networking creates added value and brings the following benefits:

Access to exclusive events

Members of the Swiss Health Network for Equity have access to exclusive events at the local, regional, and national levels.

Sharing ideas

By talking to each other, we can define the challenges we face more concretely, argue them better, and react together.

Joint representation

Thanks to joint representation, our commitment to equity in healthcare is more visible and carries more weight with political bodies, health authorities and other players in the Swiss healthcare system.

Networking with experts

Swiss Health Network for Equity is a network of nationally renowned experts who exchange information on current developments.

Promoting best practice

Transferring knowledge between members and disseminating and promoting "best practice" enhances everyone's skills.

Use of resources and synergies

The existing resources of some members (e.g. concepts, structures, and quality criteria that promote a sensitive approach to diversity) are made available to other members, and synergies are exploited.

Promoting quality

By jointly promoting an institutional approach to health equity, the members of the Swiss Health Network for Equity are making an essential contribution to promoting the quality of healthcare.

Greater visibility

By becoming members of Swiss Health Network for Equity, institutions make visible the fact that they assume their social responsibility and are committed to providing quality healthcare for all.